Living in a rural village called Hunaruchuk in north bank of Brahmaputra, Gojen Keot was a 22 year old youth in 1946 i.e. just before India's independence. Honest and aggressive to the core, Gojen always fought against injustice. In his own way he tried to participate in the freedom movement and in the process started dreaming of a heaven-like country that India would be after independence. But the dreadful events that started occurring in independent India shattered his dreams. Since then Gojen has become a pessimist all his life till the new millennium when he sees a ray of hope after seeing his granddaughter continuing the fight against injustice in modern India.

Banner Shiven Arts
Based on a novel by Arun Sarma
Screenplay Jahnu Barua
Music Dhrubajyoti Phukan
Photography Sumon Dowerah
Produced by Shankar Lall Goenka
Directed by Jahnu Barua
Cast Bishnu Kharghoria, Rupam Chetia, Jupitora Bhuyan, Kopil Bora, Pratibha Choudhury, Rimpi Das, Lakshmi Borthakur and Munmi Kalita
Date of Release 3 January 2014
Major Awards & Recognitions National Award – Best Assamese Film