When Aparoopa's parents arranged her marriage, she was about to go to university. Not born to the idle life, she then finds her status is of a showpiece in her tea planter husband's big bungalow.An un-enlivening situation, where any activity at all can become a monotonous chore – certainly, for a sensitive spirit, it can be a touch of death. At such a moment, Aparoopa's college friend Rana, an army officer, returns home for six weeks. For Aparoopa, the return of Rana becomes a break in prison wall. Will she seize this opportunity to escape?

Banner Jahnu Barua Productions
Story Jahnu Barua
Original Screenplay Jahnu Barua
Music Bhupen Hazarika
Photography Binod Pradhan
Financed by National Film Development Corporation
Produced & Directed by Jahnu Barua
Cast Biju Phukan, Suhasini Mulay, Sushil Goswami, Girish Karnad, Abdul Majid, Runu Devi and Dulal
Date of Release 16 April 1982
Major Awards & Recognitions National Award – Best Regional Film, Indian Panorama