(Price of freedom)

It's about a chain of events that lead to the death penalty for that rare breed, an honest man. In the state of Assam, British India, 1942, a train was sabotaged following Mahatma Gandhi's do or die call. The congress unit at Sarupathar, remote area in Assam, misinterpreted the Mahatma's call for non-violent political action and decided to sabotage a train. Kuhkhal Konwar, president of that unit, tried to convince his committee against such a sabotage plan. He failed and the train was sabotaged. In an extraordinary act of personal integrity Kuhkhal accepted complete moral responsibility for the crime. C. A. Humphrey, the then British head of the district, wanted an important scapegoat, and Kuhkhal was the perfect candidate, because not only was he honest but he was also the member of a powerful royal clan of Assam.

Original Screenplay Jahnu Barua
Photography P. Rajan
Financed by Directorate of Cultural Affairs, Assam
Produced & Directed by Jahnu Barua
Cast Sanjib Sabhapandit, Gary Richardson, Bina Potongia, Dinesh Das, Prithvraj Rabha, Anup
Hazarika, Sakir Hazarika and Paul Carlin
Date of Release 14 December 2001
Major Awards & Recognitions National Award – Best Regional Film, Indian Panorama