Halodhia Choraye Baodhan Khai
(The Catastrophe)

Rakheswar is a farmer who leads a simple life with his wife Taru and two children. The paddy from their small plot of land serves as their main means of livelihood. Rakheswar along with the other farmers is waiting for the already delayed rains to fall, to start their ploughing. The monsoons arrive and Rakheswar is overjoyed. As he gets ready to plough Sanatan, rich man of the village, confronts him and claims the land to be his as per the year's settlement. He informs the stunned rakheswar that the land was pledged to him by his father and was never redeemed.

Banner Patkai Films
Based on a novel by Homen Borgohain
Original Screenplay Jahnu Barua
Music Satya Baruah
Photography Anup Jotwani
Produced by Sailadhar Barooah and Jahnu Barua
Directed by Jahnu Barua
Cast Indra Bania, Purnima Pathak Saikia, Pranjal Saikia, Hemen Choudhury, Gaurav Bania, Subhana
Gogoi and Badal Das
Date of Release 21 August 1987
Major Awards & Recognitions National Award – Best Film – Golden Lotus, Silver leopard (Locarno), Best Actor for Indra Bania
(Locarno), Citizens' Prize (Locarno), World Ecumenical Award (Locarno), Best Film (Amien), Best
Actor (Amien), Best of Asia (Tokyo), Indian Panorama