(The Forest)

Tapan Barua is an idealistic forest officer, who takes his duty very seriously. Despite, or perhaps because of his integrity, he is constantly transferred from one forest to another… Inevitably, he runs into confrontation with timber smugglers or other illegal damagers of a reserved forest.
Because of his inflexible attitude, some pretext is always found to transfer Barua elsewhere. But his wife, Ruby, has been more concerned about their child who is suffering from a congenital heart problem.

Original Screenplay Sushil Goswami
Music Satya Baruah
Photography Anup Jotwani
Produced by PUFCOS
Directed by Jahnu Barua
Cast Mridula Baruah, Sushil Goswami, Bishnu Kharghoria and Lakhmi Sinha
Financed by National Film Development Corporation
Date of Release 18 February 1990
Major Awards & Recognitions National Award – Best Film on Environment, Indian Panorama